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    Main Specifications

a, Input voltage: three phase 575V AC + 10%   50/60Hz

b, Maximum input current: AC 620A

c, Power factor≥0.95;  efficiency ≥ 92%.

d, Output characteristics: constant current / constant pressure

e, Output voltage: 0 ~ 24V

f, Output current: 0 ~ 15000A

g, Current stability accuracy≤1%; Voltage stability accuracy≤ 1%

h, Ripple quotient≤5%.

      i, Cooling mode: air cooling
  • details

       Because of Silicon Controlled Rectifier's high energy consumption,poor stability and low control precision,our company specially designed and developed power source for aluminum oxidation ,of which the output is DC square wave with high density.It is good for hole sealing quality and electrophoresis coloring ,and reduces the film dissolution due to high temperature ,preventing the expansion of oxide film and improving oxide layer hardness and density ,improving production quality and reducing production cost.

Production Characteristics:

1.High reliability :Special design has been made according to the demands of anodic oxidation ;Choose foreign famous brand power device according to aluminum anodic oxidation technology ,with water cooling system,ensuring the safe operation,reducing the possibility breakdown happending ,and isolation and antiseptic measures are reasonable.

2.Constant Voltage Precision<1%,Constant Current Precision<1.5%

3.Ripple Factor<1%,Efficiency >93%

4.With overol

5.With timing controlling ,step power supplying,suspend and automatic restoration.

6.Small volume ,light weight, convenient planning, moving and setting.

7.Reduce the production cost in oxidation technology and huge production cost ,saving electric 25%--30% in continuous oxidation technology .