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                product six Location Home > product six > HF ELECTROPLATE POWER SUPPLY SMA12-1000

                Application conditions

                Oxidation power should be used indoors,and its application conditions are as follows:

                1No more than 1000 meters above sea level; (1000 meters above can be used by appropriately reducing capacity ).

                2Ambient temperature :-15 ~ +40.Air relative humidity is less than 85%.

                3No serious effects of gas, electrical insulation, chemical etching medium vapor deposition, dirt and other explosive at the installation site.

                4The installation site should be no serious vibration.

                5The fluctuation of the power grid is not greater than 10%.

                • details

                Main Specifications

                a, Input voltage: three phase 575V AC + 10%   50/60Hz

                b, Maximum input current: 15A AC

                c, Power factor0.9;  efficiency 82%.

                d, Output characteristics: constant current / constant pressure

                e, Output voltage: 0 ~ 12V

                f, Output current: 0 ~ 1000A

                g, Current stability accuracy1%; Voltage stability accuracy 1%

                h, Ripple quotient5%.

                i, Cooling mode: air cooling