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                product four Location: Home > product four > Electro-plating power supply

                This product is fit for all hardware electro-plating,such as ,copper plating, nickel plating,chroming,galvanization.

                Product Characteristics:

                a. Numeric type ,which could be easily observed and controlled by users with higher precision.

                b.Small volume,light weight ,high efficiency ,which is convenient for setting.

                c.Low energy consumption ,which responds with the cleaner production slogan,saving 40% energy.

                d.Easy and simple to handle ,high stability,which improves the pass yield .

                • details

                Main Specifications

                a, Input voltage: three phase 575V AC + 10%   50/60Hz

                b, Maximum input current: 15A AC

                c, Power factor≥0.95;  efficiency 92%.

                d, Output characteristics: constant current / constant pressure

                e, Output voltage: 0 ~ 24V

                f, Output current: 0 ~ 25000A

                g, Current stability accuracy≤1%; Voltage stability accuracy 1%

                h, Ripple quotient≤5%.

                i, Cooling mode: air cooling